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Fischer Random Chess Email Club




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FRCEC was inaugurated on April 25, 2004



Welcome to FRCEC!!!


The Email/Correspondence Chess Club for FRC/Chess960!



FRC/Chess960 is a great game, and can become the standard of chess!


Orthodox Chess will simply be an ancient variation of FRC/Chess960!




“I don’t play chess anymore, I play Fischer Random. It is a much better game, more challenge. Chess is a dead game, it is played out. Fischer Random is a version of chess that I developed or invented, you could say, where you shuffle the back row of the pieces, not the pawns. Each side has an identical shuffle, so that everything is symmetrical, just like in the old chess. There are just a couple of rules: one rook has to be to the left of the king, one has to be to the right of the king, one bishop has to be on a light-colored square, and one on a dark-colored square. That’s basically it. You can learn the rules in two minutes. It’s a great game, and can become the standard of chess.”

Bobby Fischer

Tokyo, JapanAugust 20, 2004



“And current chess will simply be an ancient variation of Chess960!”

Reinhard Scharnagl

Munich, GermanyFebruary 27, 2005




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Welcome to FRCEC!


This is a new internet club for chess players who share Bobby Fischer's goal:

To play a chess variant in which chess creativity and talent is more important than memorization and analysis of opening moves!


Our Mission

To increase worldwide awareness of Fischerandom Chess (FRC), also called  Chess960, by uniting the FRC internet community, allowing chess players around the world to meet, and by arranging friendly matches and tournaments,  through one of the several chess servers in the net that support FRC/Chess960.




Our club has members from around the world, currently including:


Argentina, Australia, Austria, Basque Region, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Canary Islands, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, U.S.A., Vietnam & Wales


FRCEC Castling **Important**


Castling is the only chess rule (other than the initial setup) that had to be modified from Orthodox Chess.


Refer to our page on FRC/Chess960 rules for Castling


FRCEC Chess Terms Glossary


We are compiling a list of Chess terms, and making a Glossary, with examples from our FRCEC completed games library. This project is a work in progress, and a living document.


Visit our FRCEC Glossary page at:


Universal Correspondence FRC rating


FRCEC members keep an universal correspondence FRC/Chess960 ELO rating that is updated whenever they play a FRC/Chess960 game regardless of the method they use to play their games (see different interface options below).


Becoming a Member


You will receive an FRCEC initial 1500 ELO rating when you join our club.


Click here to join FRCEC!


or send an email to:



FRCEC Events


FRCEC offers individual 1-game and 2-game matches, Trio and Quad mini-tournaments, as well as KnockOut and Dropout format tournaments.


Annually, Fischer Cup and Gligoric Cup tournaments are run to commemorate FRCEC’s anniversary (April 25th, 2004). These annual Cups are made of a single round robin phase, and a 4 player Page Playoff System Final.


Visit our FRCEC Events page for more details:



Playing FRCEC games


You can play your games the E4 Emailchess Club chess server, or by using any graphical interface of your choice, including Chess Variants (Game Courier), SchemingMind or Brain King, as long as it's agreed by both players.


Regardless of how you play your games, to have them rated and posted in our FRC/Chess960 finished games library, you must submit your games in English Short Algebraic PGN format to:


Chess email servers that support FRC/Chess960:


Currently the following graphical interfaces support FRC/Chess960:



FRCEC Finished Games/Matches

The winner, or White in a draw, must submit the game score and moves in Short Algebraic English PGN notation to the address below:





Please let us know of any other FRC.Chess960 chess servers or graphical interfaces you might know of!


We are always interested in promoting FRC/Chess960 in new chess sites.


Send your feedback about our club by emailing us at:



FRCEC Guest Book


Sign our Guestbook!


View our Guestbook











Sites that Support FRC/Chess960 on the net:







Other sites with FRC/Chess960 support:


Damesjava **Site Currently Down**



Other Chess sites considering FRC/Chess960 support in a near future:


Red Hot Pawn Online Chess Free Multiplayer Chess




 FRCEC website links:


FRCEC primary homepage


FRCEC alternate homepage


FRCEC en Español


FRCEC auf  Deutsch


FRCEC Fischer Cup!


FRCEC Gligoric Cup!


FRCEC_Top Rankings Page


FRCEC Club_Members


FRCEC Latest Newsletter!


FRCEC Newsletter Messages


FRCEC Events Page


FRCEC Finished Games Library (Java)


FRCEC Finished Games Library (Text)


FRC/Chess960 Castling Rules


FRC/Chess960 Chess Terms Glossary


FRC/Chess960 Starting Positions Library


FRCEC page on Symmetrical Fischerandom Chess




Other FRC/Chess960 Links:


CompoChess (FRC compatible games database)


PGN to JS (Java Script) utility with FRC support


Fischerandom Chess Position Generator


Graeme Carey Chess


David A. Wheeler’s FRC/Chess960


Fischerandom Chess Association


Fischerandom Online Chess Association


Fischer Random Chess (FRC/Chess960)


FRC/Chess960 playing applet (in German)



Chess Tigers – Chess960 (in German)


Chess960 Startpositionen und Regeln

(PDF in German)


Chess Tigers – Rules for Chess960

(PDF in English)








Links on Chess Strategy




King and Pawn Endgame Secrets


Endgame Examples from TheChessDrum






Chess supplies on the net:







Books of interest to FRC/Chess960 aficionados:






Shall We Play Fischerandom Chess?


Learn Chess Tactics


Improve Your Attacking Chess


Improve Your Positional Chess


Chess Endings Made Simple










Other Chess Clubs/Organizations:


FIDE - World Chess Federation


IECC - International E-mail Chess Club


IECG - International Email Chess Group


ICCF - International Correspondence Chess Federation


USCF - US Chess Federation


WCCF - World Correspondence Chess Federation




Other Chess Links:


PGN notation at Wikipedia


ELO Rating System at Wikipedia


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Fischer Random Chess

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