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FRCEC was inaugurated on April 25, 2004



Welcome to FRCEC!!!


FRC is a great game, and can become the standard of chess!


Orthodox Chess will simply be an ancient variation of FRC!




ďI donít play chess anymore, I play Fischer Random. It is a much better game, more challenge. Chess is a dead game, it is played out. Fischer Random is a version of chess that I developed or invented, you could say, where you shuffle the back row of the pieces, not the pawns. Each side has an identical shuffle, so that everything is symmetrical, just like in the old chess. There are just a couple of rules: one rook has to be to the left of the king, one has to be to the right of the king, one bishop has to be on a light-colored square, and one on a dark-colored square. Thatís basically it. You can learn the rules in two minutes. Itís a great game, and can become the standard of chess.Ē

Bobby Fischer

Tokyo, Japan Ė August 20, 2004



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