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Welcome to FRCEC!
This is a new internet club for chess players who share Fischer's goal:

To play a chess variant in which chess creativity and talent is more important than memorization and analysis of opening moves!

Our Mission

To increase worldwide awareness of Fischerandom Chess (FRC), also called  Chess960, by allowing chess players around the world to meet, and by arranging friendly email matches or through one of the several graphical interfaces in the net that support FRC.
Universal Correspondence FRC rating
FRCEC members keep an universal correspondence FRC ELO rating that is updated whenever they play a FRC game regardless of the method they use to play their games (see different interface options below).

Read an article in The Chess Variant Pages on:

FRCEC game playing rules (as per Wikipedia)

Our club has members from around the world, currently including:
Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guadaloupe, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, U.S.A., Vietnam & Wales

Playing FRCEC games
You can play your games via plain email, the E4 Emailchess Club chess server, or by using any graphical interface of your choice, as long as it's agreed by both players.
Regardless of how you play your games, to have them rated and posted in our FRC finished games library, you must submit your games in English PGN format to:
Chess email servers that support FRC:
Currently the following graphical interfaces support FRC:
Please let us know of any other FRC email servers or graphical interfaces you might know by emailing us at:

Note: For 1 or 2 game friendly matches, you can choose the FRC starting position of your choice (if playing by plain email, check the FRC Starting Positions Library, and advise position ID), or request a random one to be chosen for you. For Chess Variants! Game Courier and Tournament games, a random starting position will be assigned for your games.

To request a 1 or 2 game match with another club member send your request to one of the email addresses below. If you don't have an oponent, send the email requesting to be put in the waiting list, and we will assign you an oponent when one becomes available. Waiting list matches will be assigned a random starting position by the Tournament Moderator.
Trio matches! Three players play a mini tournament, 2 games versus each opponent, 1 as black, 1 as white, for a total of 4 games per player.
To join and play in a Trio match send an email to:
Knock Out tournaments! Eight Players, Three rounds, One Winner!!!
Eight players are paired in 2-game matches. The four winners from the 1st round are paired in 2-game matches. The 2 winners from the 2nd round are paired in a 2-game match. The winner of the 3rd round becomes the KO tournament's champion!
Visit our KO tournaments page to track the status of current tournaments:
To join and play in a KO tournament send an email to:

Dropout tournaments! Many Players, Four to Six rounds, One Winner!!!

Any number of players can participate. Each player has two games per round with different opponents, one with the white and one with the black pieces.  From round two onwards players with the same score will meet each other where possible; all pairings are drawn at random.

For each game, players will be assigned MALUS-Points (MP) as follows - win: 0MP, draw: 1MP, loss: 3MP.  Points are added over all rounds.

After each round, players with scores equal or greater than the dropout threshold are eliminated from the tournament (the dropout threshold is normally six).

In the final round, two players or more may be involved depending on course of the tournament.  The player with the least MP after the final round is the winner; if necessary a decision match can be played.  As far as possible players will meet each other only once (in later rounds a rematch may be necessary).

Visit our Dropout tournaments page to track the status of current tournaments:

To join and play in a Dropout tournament send an email

FRCEC Castling **Important**
Castling is the only chess rule (other than the initial setup) that had to be modified from Orthodox Chess.
The rules for Castling can also be found in Wikipedia at:

FRCEC Finished Games/Matches

The winner, or White in a draw, must submit the game score and moves in Short Algebraic English PGN notation to the address below:

Becoming a Member
You will receive an FRCEC initial 1500 ELO rating when you join our club.
To join FRCEC, send an email to:

Click diagram to see FRCEC's Game of the Month!
Starting Position ID: 804

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